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Project Manager (RMB20,000 or less before tax)

Numbers: 1 Workplace:
Department: Planning Development Department Contact:


1. Preliminary investigation on the Group’s proposed major projects, submission of research reports and project proposals;
2. Approval of major infrastructure projects fixed assets investment projects and proposals within the competence of the Group;
3. Organization of feasibility study on group’s major projects;
4. Organization and coordination of relevant units to submit relevant information for approval of projects that need government inspection, and follow-up the inspection and approval of these projects;
5. Operating efficiency evaluation after completion of project;
6. Land acquisition and land use procedure conduction for the Group's construction projects;
7. Management of the Group's coal and water resources management, including the development of resource reserve and utilization planning, resource exploration, and conduction of a variety of procedures;
8. Overall coordination and configuration on the Group's resources according to corporate annual business plan;
9. To assist the leadership with external reception and other tasks assigned by the leadership.


1. Bachelor degree or above, industrial economics or related majors;
2. Excellent communication skills, interpersonal and negotiating skills, and reception experiences with government departments;
3. Certain experiences with procedures for approval of proposed projects, paper arrangement and submission;
4. Energy industry, especially coal and coal chemical industry related work experiences is preferred.
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