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HR GM Assistantc

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1. To assist the GM of HR on organization and implementation of the work of the department to ensure the effective development of sector works;
2. To assist the GM of HR on establishment and improvement of HR strategic planning and HR system;
3. HR management for the HQ, personnel relation maintenance, recruitment and training;
4. Performance appraisal and management for the HQ;
5. To assist the GM of HR on construction and vertical management of HR system of each corporation;
6. Other HR works assigned by the corporate leadership.


1. Age: 35-45, bachelor degree or above, HR and other related majors;
2. More than 10 years of HR experience, more than 5 years of experiences at the same position in large enterprises;
3. Good communication and coordination skills, strategic understanding and ability to innovate;
4. Strong organizational ability and interpersonal understanding.
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