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Cadre manager

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1. Middle & senior cadre management of the HQ and corporations;
2. Improvement of the cadre training and development system, promotion and implementation of cadre reserve management;
3. Establishment and maintenance of cadre quality model, organization and implementation of cadre comprehensive evaluation;
4. Cadre training, cadre reserve and talent echelon establishment;
5. Cadre satisfaction survey, turnover rate analysis and improvement;
6. Assisting the general manager of the HR department with other works.


1. Aging 35-45, bachelor degree or above, HR and other related majors;
2. More than 5 years of experiences at the same position in large enterprises, familiarity with the energy and chemical industry is preferred;
3. Specialization in capacity assessment, familiarity with interview technologies;
4. Solid HR management theory foundation and writing skills, excellent written and verbal communication skills;
5. Excellent communication and coordination skills, expression skills and analytical ability.
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