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The Muli Coal Mine of Qinghai Kingho Group


The Juhugeng Erlitian Muli Coal Mine, located in the upper reaches of the Datong River in the northeast of Qinghai Province, is governed by Muli Town of Tianjun County, Qinghai and is 152 kilometers from Tianjun County. This region is 3950 meters to 4150 meters above mean sea level. In the past, there was only one rough road in the region running through the county of Tianjun and bringing people to other places. However, after Qinghai Muli Coal Co., Ltd. came into the region, it participated in building the Tianmu Highway (Tianjun-Muli), which gives easy access to major traffics.

The Muli Coal Mine is rich in a wide variety of coals and is well-known for its high-quality coking coals. Reserves of high-quality coking coals account for over 90% of the total. Other coals available include gas coal, fat coal, lean coal, meager coal and weakly caking coal.

Qinghai Kingho Mining Co., Ltd. entered Muli in June 2003 and engaged in mine construction. It first developed the Erjingtian First Mining Area, which can serve 17 years, with the designed production capacity reaching 1.2 million tons per year. The company built a modern mine in the same year and produced 200,000 tons of raw coals. Thereafter, the annual output of raw coals increased year by year, which stood at 5.08 million tons in 2008, 4.77 million tons in 2009, 4.55 million tons in 2010 and 6.20 million tons in 2011.

The administrative section of the Muli Mine consists of 8 departments and is staffed by over 361 including 2 senior engineers, 5 engineers and 7 assistant engineers. The mining area is composed of 6 work zones and 1 coal dressing team and the number of staff reaches more than 4,000, who are in charge of raw coals mining in the area.

For years, the Muli Coal Mine has continuously increased investments. Its fixed assets are valued at 295 million Yuan, which include 90-plus various excavators, over 30 loaders, over 30 down-the-hold drills, and more than 400 dump trucks. Over 6 years of leapfrog development, the Muli Coal Mine has established a standard production system integrating exploitation, transportation and dumping.

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